I secured my position using Hathaway Lane it was my first graduate job and I was looking for work during a pandemic, I had almost given up on my job search I had limited access to resources due to university being closed and felt lost with it all and then I met Suzanne! I would highly recommend Hathaway Lane and Suzanne to any hiring procurement department or procurement professional looking for work. The position she secured for me suits me as a person and the stage of my career perfectly it almost feels as if the job was made for me. She always kept my best interests at heart and keeps in touch even though I have already secured and begun working in my position it is abundantly clear that she cares about her candidates and who they are as people. She is open and honest about companies and positions and does her best to keep updates as regular as possible and not allow processes to stagnate. I always felt very prepared for any interviews Suzanne arranged and always felt I could discuss any concerns or questions with her. She did an amazing job and she is absolutely built for and passionate about the work she does and I cannot thank her enough. I would definitely use Hathaway Lane in the future either in a professional or personal capacity.