Keeping your supply chain staffed during the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic spreads throughout the UK, supply chains are under pressure due to staff shortages. Many employees have been instructed by the government or advised by their employers to stay at home. And it’s sadly inevitable that some people will need to take sick leave or lose their jobs during this crisis.

However, for most businesses, the dependency on their supply chains to function has never been greater. Supply chains are under historic levels of shock and stress. Some products are under inconceivably high demand, from food and life-saving medical equipment to indoor fitness equipment and home school supplies.

In a worldwide survey focused on the coronavirus, the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) looked at the business and supply chain impacts. It found that nearly 75% of companies are already reporting supply chain disruptions in some way. More than 80% believe they will experience some impact because of Covid-19 disruptions.

So how can you safeguard the operational viability of your supply chain?

Hiring interim staff as a solution

Hiring interim staff will be the solution for many businesses right now across the UK.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that interims can offer your business, not only now, but also in other tough times:

Interims are available on short notice

The current situation is entirely unpredictable. Your business may face the reality of not knowing how many staff you’ll have available next week. But one thing you do know is that you’ll face pressure to deliver.

This is where interim people can help. Interims can often be hired and on boarded within a week. Of course, availability varies, and the demand for the most experienced and talented people will be high. But, with some businesses already cutting staff costs, you may find that even experienced interim staff are now available.

We have interim staff available at short notice at most levels across a range of supply chain positions. All of our candidates are referenced and vetted by our experienced team of supply chain recruitment experts.

Interims can provide fresh energy and ideas

As businesses try to maintain control of their supply chain, they will create teams to work on the problem. These crisis management teams will eventually become fatigued and start to make poor decisions.

Interims with the right level of experience can be brought in to support these teams or even run them. They will bring fresh energy, new ideas and potential solutions.

Interims will be readily available

We expect to see an increase in the availability of interim talent in the coming weeks and months. This could be due to the cancellation of their current contract or because people who wouldn’t normally consider short-term contracts are urgently looking for a new position.

We have interims available at the moment. And we expect to see a significant increase in candidates who will consider an interim position in the short term.

Interims are looking for stability

Some people associate interim workers with short-term contracts. However, we find that most interims are looking for stability. They may not want a full-time employment contract but, like most people, they have mortgages, bills, and financial ambition. Regular, reliable income is vital to everyone, especially in what will be financially uncertain times.

Some experts are recommending that companies prepare for six months of supply chain disruption. So the interims you hire over the coming weeks could be helping to keep your supply chain operational months into the future.

Interims have useful contacts

Senior-level interims typically have an extensive network of contacts. They need to know people and build their network so they can identify future opportunities.

Typically, interims will have worked for more businesses on average than an employee. They will have been exposed to a wider net of people. And this could benefit you. For example, they may know a supplier who could offer better value than your current supplier at a time of extreme financial pressure.

Concluding thoughts

We all need to think on our feet and pivot our businesses strategy to get through this challenging time. At Hathaway Lane, we’re working hard to help people to find new procurement and supply chain positions every day. We are also helping businesses like yours to quickly fill those vital positions so you can keep your supply chain operational.

For help with supply chain recruitment in these challenging times and beyond, contact our experienced team today. We have interims available for positions in London and across the UK.