Keeping your supply chain staffed during the coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic spreads throughout the UK, supply chains are under pressure due to staff shortages. Many employees have been instructed by the government or advised by their employers to stay at home. And it’s sadly inevitable that some people will need to take sick leave or lose their jobs during this crisis.

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Preparing for a successful job search in 2020

The holidays are here. It’s a chance to slow down, relax, and take a break from work. No emails, phone calls or meetings for a week or so – bliss. But if you’re not looking forward to returning to your current job and are considering new opportunities, you may be feeling anxious or distracted by an impending job search.

This article aims to help put your mind at ease and provide some practical advice. It contains steps to help you prepare for a successful job search in 2020.

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6 recommendations for a successful recruiter relationship

So you’re thinking about contacting a recruiter or you’re already in touch with one. Either way, you want that relationship to get off to the right start. You want it to develop into something fruitful. After all, recruiters have the skills and contacts to help you pull off your next career move.

I have supported many hundreds of candidates since forming Hathaway Recruitment in 2011. I find long-term relationships with candidates to be the most rewarding. Successful working relationships boil down to getting communication right.

As the people on the ‘other side’ of your call or email, we have experienced all kinds of communication with candidates. The good. The bad. And the unbelievable!

This article will give you the inside knowledge on successful communication with a recruiter. It covers topics like preparation, honesty and trust.

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Building your personal brand

Why brand anything?

We all understand that each business in the world has a brand. A logo, certain colours, slogans or taglines, fonts, maybe photography styles, writing styles, and so on.

Businesses need a consistent and appealing identity. They appear professional and attractive to people as a result.

Great brands have a presence. A weight. They make people feel a certain way:

  • Reassured: Yale
  • Excited – Ferrari
  • Comforted – Tetley
  • Professional – Apple
  • Full of dread about the afternoon ahead – Ikea

That last one might just be me. But that one little Swedish word does evoke very strong emotions. We instantly visualise ‘Ikea’ in our minds and everything it means to us. And that’s powerful branding.

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